Latice 2013 – opening address

Yesterday the CSER team travelled to Macau to attend the Latice 2013 conference. We will be presenting three papers at this conference, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the other presentations, some of which will be updates on work from colleagues from Australia.

The opening address was presented by Dr Du Yunying from the Research Centre for Higher Education at the National Institute of Education, on the current research trends for higher education within China. The presentation focussed on data collection through a number of studies on universities and applied research within China, driven by increasing enrolments (total enrolmente in higher education are nearing 29 million students) and a need to maintain quality under such massification.

An interesting aspect though, is that when compared to the total population, China has a lower percentage of total population in higher education than the average global figures, with also a lower expenditure of GDP than both the global average, and averages for classifications of advanced and developing economies. This represents an interesting dual challenge – providing quality for the massive number of students who are currently within the higher education system, while at the same time expanding higher education opportunities and expanding national investment.

The scale of the research undertaken by this centre is astonishing – qualitative studies exploring survey data from 300,000 students!


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