Program for ACE’2016 now available

From the 2nd-5th February I will be co-Chairing the ACE’2016 conference, with the wonderful Dr Donna Teague. It has been fantastic to see the conference coming together, and to see the high quality of submissions made to the conference, and I am sure we are both looking forward to watching the presentations.

ACE’2016 is part of the Australasian Computer Science Week, with conferences across the domain of Computer Science. You can view the program, including details of the keynotes from Professor Judy Kay, “A Human-Centred View of Big Personal Data: Scrutable User Models for Privacy and Control”, Kerry Taylor, “Semantic Sensor Networks: The Internet of Things needs the Web of Data”, and Geraldine Torrisi-Steele, “Supporting students’ development of metacognition and problem solving skills”.

Also on as part of the ACE conference is the ACE Doctoral Consortium, where we have I believe 8 HDR students in Computer Science Education Research, gathering to discuss their work in progress, and meet with experienced researchers. The ACE’2016 DC is being chaired by Dr Matt Butler.

And ACE’2016 concludes with three workshops: Developing computational thinking with Sprego, Benchmarking and Curriculum Improvement for the Computing Disciplines, and Using Cognitive Load Theory to improve troublesome courses.



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