ITiCSE 2016 – Almost here!

The 21st Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2016) is almost upon us, with early registration closing very soon! (June 12th!)

I’m quite excited by the program for this conference, which promises some fascinating discussion across a wide range of topic areas relating to Computer Science Education Research. It is fantastic to see program sessions dedicated to professional practice, K-12 instruction, data driven automation, and diversity issues, in particular. The program looks absolutely packed full of good papers!

I’m also quite disappointed that I won’t be able to attend this year, as we will be setting up our new project in K-12 education, however, I know that CSER will be well represented by the wonderful Claudia Szabo. Claudia will be presenting a paper for the CSER team on our work in applying validated pedagogy to the MOOC context, where we describe our experiences, and the specific challenges, of taking Media Computation along with elements of Collaborative Learning, into our introductory programming MOOC, Think Create Code.

While definitely posing challenges in student engagement, and in building opportunities for active learning, the MOOC environment did provide new ways of exploring collaboration, which we explored through our open, student-led art gallery model. Interestingly, adopting a contextualised learning model did allow us to attract a more diverse student intake, as we had hoped from face-to-face Media Computation approaches. I hope to see this continue as we move forward with new offerings!


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